A Michigan native raised between the coast of Lake Michigan and a family farm, Kevin Sipla never had trouble creating his own path. Growing up on the poor side of the working class in a middle-class town, with divorced parents and big dreams, writing took center stage early on. Prompted by a 2Pac album, Kevin fell in love with pen and paper. Music soon followed.

Kevin began his career early. Always fascinated with the guitar, moving to a new town and finding Blink-182 was a catalyst for him. He joined a band and that band went through many phases and friends as bands tend to do. Pop-Punk, alternative, hardcore, grind, post-hardcore, you name it, they tried it. Battle of the Bands winners and performers at the now-defunct local "Venetian Festival" were highlights of those early years.

After many bands, a couple breakups, a hiatus, a great loss, and a few diagnoses, Kevin created meanue. "meanue" is a portmanteau for "me and you." If it's not one, he made it one. He wanted a name to bridge the gap between his music and the listener to form a relationship; an understanding. His music is deep, with thought-provoking lyrics and heavy and soft, melodic guitars surrounded by huge drums and percussion. Sometimes it's soft and pretty and sometimes it's loud and ugly. Through it all, you can feel the emotion. You can feel how much of himself he puts into his art.

April 2019 brought with it the debut release from meanue; Mortal Coil. A full-length album that served as a form of grief management. Recorded over the course of two years, Kevin worked hard at perfecting each aspect of the album. The loss of two important people contributed heavily to the project. Speaking about the album he says, "I didn't know it at the time, but it was really a therapeutic experience I had to go through to get through something really tough. The struggle is always real but the load is a little lighter now."

Staying independent and DIY at heart, meanue provides a raw and real look into someone's self. Their past, mistakes, wants and needs, successes and failures are all in his music. He IS his music. He is in all of it. He composes and produces his own music, distributes it, publishes it, designs merch and artwork with help only coming from his wife and a few trusted friends. The gratitude he has for every single person that listens, likes, shares, and spreads the word is undeniable. "I'm just happy if someone listens to my music and it helps them feel less alone. To every supporter: I love you, always and forever" -Kevin Sipla 

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