1. Cut The Cord


I dream of situations where i’m trapped or find myself in a panic trying to find my way out or the answer. It seems I always have a phone and help lies with someone if I can just call them. The problem is I can never see the number or my fingers are crippled or the call fails or the battery is dead or some other circumstance that prevets the use of my device. I often wonder what this means and what would unfold if I could just take control and dial the right number who would be on the other end

Call me because I lost your number or I never really saved it to my phone
I’m letting go of this scenic world, what’s really left behind when we are gone
Each and Every breath in and out of my chest I take in and give it back with every ounce

I never wanted anything
Antiquated attitudes and obsolete points of view
Eyes focused on the tube, screens loosening the glue
I never wanted anything

Every time I wake up it’s such a desperate feeling my knees are all weak and my legs tremble, I’m covered in a cold sweat. Twenty questions run through my head. Each one makes less sense than the last. I wonder what I just dreamt as the memory quickly fades and the questions are now losing grip twenty to one, the only thing I’m left with is the overwhelming feeling of fear and the clear visions of the answer but I had lost sight of all the questions

Tumbling over your cells
Stumbling over your cells

In the end I find myself back in bed wondering what it all means. Hoping that i dont die early or watch my beauty die before me. I dont think I could handle something of such loss. I sleep and dream once again, I’m probably givin all of the answers to everything but when I wake, it quickly becomes past tense. But still I wonder, would pick up