Release Day

Maybe I need to eat something... (ended up with chocolate covered raisins) 

I mean, it’s out now… I’ve been sitting here thinking of what to say, all of the cliche things about how long it’s taken, the hours and hours of learning, working, fucking up, repeat… … Thanks to anyone that has stuck around this long, all the newcomers and future fans. 

Maybe it's a feeling of a sort of finality that i'm feeling. My first truly BIG project that I accomplished on my own from start to finish, like I intended, is OUT and in the ears of the entire world. It’s a pretty big piece to bear. My multiple mental illnesses, failures, triumphs, hardships, faith, lack of, mortality, aspirations and dreams are all in this music. The very essence of who I am, what I stand for, what I hope and fear is in the words and notes in those 11 tracks. I don’t know if I can create art in any other way. What comes out is what comes out. (shrugs) (thinks of poop joke) 

Take in the album, take your time on it, feel it, let it sink in. I am proud of it. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it makes you feel something. I recorded every note, real acoustic instruments, electronic instruments, synths, analog, digital, vocal effects, harmonies, I wanted no restrictions. I gave myself no boundaries and accomplished something bigger than I ever imagined. Something bigger than just me. There’s more to the name Meanue than just a strange word that is hard to pronounce…It’s something that I think binds ME to YOU and at its most basic, it’s our first form of communication. The first form of contact so to speak. The music is the relationship between ME AND YOU. 

I’m rambling… I’m happy it’s over. In all the good ways, I am happy you all have it now. I am thankful to be done with it and to have done it in the first place. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any of it without my wife. She is the strength that keeps me moving when I cannot move myself. I am happy to keep moving. Who knows what’s next? 

I don’t know what else to say really, I feel like there’s been enough words and build up and it’s time to just let this chapter close in the best way possible. (You listening to the new album) Let me know what you think! Show your friends and family and spread the word! This is only the beginning. Oh and if I didn’t say it before, Thank You. PEACE! 

-ks- #realaboveallelse

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