Hi, my name is Kevin Sipla. I am an independent musician based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

meanue is a dark pop electronic experience. Combining pop sensibilities, hip hop tradition, pop-punk attitude and thought provoking lyrics, meanue is for everyone.  

I grew up on Tupac, he helped me first put pen to paper and you will also hear some creative rhythm and beats within my music come through from that era. As a rowdy youth, Pop-Punk took a front seat å La Blink-182 and Brand New, and later I fell into the beautiful dark trap that is Death-Metal. As a child the classics were always within earshot and all the while I've always been a glutton for a catchy pop song. I've been in bands since I was a young'n, been writing songs and writing words since I can remember. Music is my voice, you can get to know me by listening. I want to take the trip with YOU, we can change the world together! 


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